Meet Tina Alderman

Fort Lauderdale’s Premier Dog Trainer

Take The Lead Dog Training works with all canine behavioral issues, breeds, and sizes. We offer puppy and dog training, day training and a customized board and train.

If your dog is exhibiting any unwanted behavior or if you want to avoid issues proactively we are here to help.

After working as an MSW clinical social worker for many years, Tina Alderman left her career for her dream of working with dogs. Along with owning a successful pet care company in Boston for over ten years, she volunteered at the local shelters and dog training facilities, increasing her skills and knowledge.

Take the Lead Best Dog trainer

Tina rescued a high-energy, powerful cattle dog named Red from a local trainer. She realized that treats and obedience training alone wasn’t working for Red. Treats made Red more excited, and hours of exercising left him unfulfilled.

Cesar Millan

After attending Cesar Millan’s intensive Fundamentals of Dog Behavior class, it finally all came together for Tina. The most powerful tool was her own energy. “The way I projected myself and reacted to Red’s behaviors was directly affecting Red becoming a follower and ultimately, a happy, adjusted, member of our family.”

Tina says that she wasn’t born a natural leader but has been able to move out of her comfort zone, determined to fulfill her own pet’s needs and the needs of her clients and their dogs.

Tina moved to Fort Lauderdale in 2014 and volunteers at the “Training Cesar’s Way Fundamentals” course at The Country Inn Pet Resort in Fort Lauderdale.