Dog Training Client Testimonials

Fort Lauderdale Dog Training Clients Share Their Success Stories!

O’Loughlin Family

  • Dog: Ginger

Tina Alderman came highly recommended by a family member when we were dealing with a very traumatic incident of a dog bite after hurricane Irma hit in fall of 2017. The stress from the storm caused our dog Ginger to be completely out of sorts which resulted in a dog bite to my oldest daughter. Needless to say, we were faced with the decision of either putting down our family dog or getting intense training to make sure this horrible event wouldn’t be repeated.

Tina came over to our house and evaluated Ginger and informed us that our dog likely had fear-based aggression. She agreed to train her and give us the tools we needed to ensure we would not have another incident. Ginger stayed just shy of two weeks with Tina and when we picked her up she was a completely different animal. She was not jumping all over us with excitement. Instead, she remained seated and exhibited self-control as we greeted her.

With the help of Tina we were able to recognize the specific triggers that were causing Ginger’s anxiety. Tina taug